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Community Workshops, Projects and Activations

2024     SK Printmakers Monthly Meeting. Guest Artist talk, inPrint represented by Amye St John. Saskatchewan/Online.

             Wayzgoose Anthology Signature Contribution. Grimsby, On.

2023     The Light Within Youth Artist Mentorship. Toronto History Museums (Zion School House). Five week cyanotype mentorship n               with seven youth, culminating in a final exhibition at Gibson House. Mentorship workshops from Nov 11 to Dec 9 2023,                 final exhibition from Dec 16 to Jan 7 2024. Part of the Lots of Light programming, Toronto. 

             Poetry inPrint: Mackenzie House. Themed around story-telling and placemaking, 10 youth poets reflect 

             on the various legacies of Mackenzie House (Toronto) where they also typeset and printed their poems. Poems were 

             bound into an anthology. Mini Free Libraries set up at Mackenzie House (March) and inPrint Studio. In partnership 

             Jacqueline Valencia, featuring Natalie "Rare" Chattargoon, Noor Gouda, Daej Hamilton, Tia Julien, Carvela Lee, Alexis 

             Mael Miller, Furqan Mohamed, Jimena Yengle and Nataly Zebian. Online exhibition, poetry projection at College Park 

             (Feb 24), mini free libraries, and screenings/youtube video of behind the scenes. Funded by the OAC and TAC. Started in               2022.

             Wayzgoose Anthology Signature Contribution. Grimsby, On.

2022     Wayzgoose Anthology Signature Contribution and Print demo. Part of the Annual Wayzgoose Festival. Grimsby, On.                      

2021      Art in the Spotlight: The inPrint Collective, artist talk. inPrint represented by Amye St John, Maaike Bouhuyzen-Wenger and                Shannon Moynagh. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto/online.

              Poetry inPrint: In the Streets. Themed around public safety, local poets wrote on the topic of public safety from an anti-                      oppressive lens, which were then silkscreened temporarily in glow in the dark ink on sidewalks in Etobicoke. In the Streets                is a City of Toronto Cultural Hotspot SPARK Project, in partnership with Arts Etobicoke and supported by Speedball Art                      Products.  Featured poets: Jacqueline Valencia (mentor), Gloria O'koye, Jadyn Hardie-Bardy, Bijal Projapati, Alexandria                    McDonough, S. Rupsha Mitra, and Juliet Jones-Rodney. Public art project (sidewalks and mural), online exhibition                            and youtube video. 

2020      Indie Lit Symposium, Meet the Presses. Panelists for "Small Press and the Craft of Bookmaking". inPrint represented by                      Maureen Da Silva. Nov 29th. Toronto/Online.

              Feminist Art Festival, Feminist Art Collective (FAC). In-Kind Sponsorship of conference-inspired totebags. OCADU,                            Toronto.

              Wayzgoose Signature Contribution and Online Festival. Online.

2019      Poetry inPrint Residency. Six month collaboration between artists and poets to produce bookworks with a feminist and                      decolonial lens. 16 artists participated, with support from TAC, OAC and Speedball Arts. inPrint Studio, Toronto.

               Featured artists: Catherine Tammaro, Jennifer Chin, Shirley Mpagi, Maaike Bouhuyzen-Wenger, Maureen Da Silva,                        Angela Fedele, Shannon Moynagh, Amye St John. Featured Poets: Jacqueline Valencia, Andrea Thompson, Leah                              Sandals, Dominique Russell, Arma Malik, Vanessa Vigneswaramoorthy, Elyse Friedman, Bijal Prajapati

              Canada Day Celebrations. Silkscreen and relief postcards. Scarborough Museum, Toronto.

              Summer Solstice. Silkscreen and relief postcards. Scarborough Museum, Toronto.

2018       Open Studio for Culture Days. Silkscreen demos. inPrint Studio, Toronto. 

               Worn With Pride Exhibition. Opening reception flag activation for Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.                                         Scarborough Museum, Toronto.

               Taste of Lawrence (Scarborough). Silkscreen and relief demonstrations for the Cultural Hotspot, Toronto.

               The Inter-Museum Print Exchange: Scarborough Museum. In collaboration with First Story,Catherine Tammaro and                             Toronto Heritage Sites. Conclusion of program series with support of TAC, OAC, The Japanese Paper Place and                               Speedball Art Products, Toronto.

               The Inter-Museum Print Exchange: Montgomery's Inn. In collaboration with First Story, Catherine Tammaro and                                 Toronto  Heritage Sites. Montgomery's Inn, Toronto.

2017       Salon d'inPrint II. Culture Days Salon, inPrint headquarters, Toronto. 

               The Inter-Museum Print Exchange: Todmorden Mills. A City of Toronto Cultural Hotspot SPARK project in              

                collaboration with First Story Toronto and Catherine Tammaro. Todmorden Mills, Toronto.

                My City My Six Silkscreen Workshops. Cultural Hotspot, East End Arts, Toronto.

                Multicultural Day and Canada Day Activations. Scarborough Museum, Toronto.

                Cultural Hotspots Launch. East York Civic Centre, Toronto.

                ROM For the Holidays: Family Festival Holiday Prints. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.


2016        The Printerly Forest: An Ode to Printmaking. Culture Days @ The Library, Dawes Road Library, Toronto.

                Montgomery’s Inn Corn Roast Celebration. Montgomery’s Inn, Toronto.

                The InterMuseum Print Exchange: Gibson House. A City of Toronto Cultural Hotspot SPARK project in collaboration                          with First Story and Catherine Tammaro. Gibson House Museum, Toronto. 

                Artist Residency at the Scarborough Historical Museum,Toronto. Year round workshops and activations at events                              including: Canada Day Celebrations, Multicultural Day, Ribfest, Public Art-Making Workshops and Culture Days

                Community Print Pop-Up Shop. Linsmore Tavern, Toronto


2015        Artist Residency at the Montgomery’s Inn Museum,Toronto. Year round workshops and activations at events                                      including: Public printmaking workshops, Get INNside: Winter Market Launch, Annual Corn Roast, 40th            

                Anniversary Celebration and Farmer’s Markets, Doors Open

                Artist Residency at the Scarborough Historical Museum,Toronto. Year round workshops and activations at events                              including: Pan-Am Arts Relay, Canada Day Celebrations, Destination Canada

                Silkscreen Demo at Pan-Am Torch Relay Event. Assembly Hall, Toronto.


2014        Culture Days at the Museum. The Scarborough Museum, Toronto.

                Culture Days Artist Market. RATIO, Toronto.

                Scarborough Fever: Set Design Workshops. The Scarborough Museum, Scarborough. 

                Dare to Create (Cultural Hotspots East Launch) Conference. Cedar Ridge Creative Centre. Toronto.


2013        Culture Days Historic Tour and Print Demo. The Scarborough Museum, Toronto.


2012        Nuit Blanche - Exquisite Multiple. Graven Feather Studio and Gallery. Toronto.


2011        Culture Days Bookbinding Bee! Dufferin/St. Clair Library. Toronto.


2010        Culture Days Print-In Art Demo and Show. Fire on the Eastside. Toronto.

                Summer Artist Talk Series. Three artist talks featuring Maaike Bouhujzen-Wenger, Leah Harrison, and Noelle                                    Wharton- Ayer. Alternative Grounds, Toronto.

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