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Please see our official statements and updates in regards to COVID-19 protocols in the studio here (scroll down to see all statements).  In the meantime, we continue to work towards several initiatives to help us stay afloat. 


1. Donate any amount via e-transfer to and we'll mail you a thank you print!

2. Check out our Etsy shop, which showcases our prints, custom textiles, cards, books, and Poetry inPrint offerings! Look out for updates!

2. Support us as a patron on Patreon. We have very accessible levels, with a backlog of behind the scenes posts about our work and other thoughts. We update this with posts intermittently, and will develop perks as our community grows.

4. Don't want to commit to a patreon account? No worries, you can now Buy inPrint.A Coffee as the mood strikes! Tip as little as $5, whenever you are in the mood!

5. Share our workshop and rental postings to anyone who might be interested! 

Please note that The inPrint Collective is maintaining a mask policy for the foreseeable future for those attending workshops or renting the space. Gallery Hours are by appointment, except for dates noted for special exhibitions.


Hey! Are you an experienced printmaker looking for a studio to rent from time to time? Or even an extended period of a few months?

inPrint is now accepting non-member renters!! For more information on what we have to offer, and requirements to join, click here! We'd love to chat with you about it. You can also find our call for board members at that link, too.

Don't want to do a full month? Click here to find out about private lessons, day rates (open to past workshop students and artist residents) and project support. We are taking renters as spots are available, and following COVID-protocols until further notice.

We are not currently hosting public hours in the space, except for special exhibitions.

       What else is new? Well...


Current & Upcoming Exhibitions/Projects




The Zine Exchange costs $15 to participate. This exchange is a small fundraiser to help sustain our studio and community projects, and the fees will help with the admin of this project, including the mailing out of your new zine collection!


Zines are due by July 15th, 2024. We'll run an exhibition from August 1 to August 31 (stay tuned for details on a reception!).

inPrint's address is 58 Wade Ave, Unit 8A, Toronto, On, M6H 1P5. Feel free to contact us at

inPrint reserves the right to refuse submissions that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ablest or feature otherwise hateful rhetoric. 

Register for our zine exchange here!

Images in the Zine Exchange were drawn by Shannnon Moynagh (cockroaches), Amye St John (fork), Maaike Bouhuyzen-Wenger (notes), and Maureen Da Silva (cattails plant) 


Market/Workshops Alert

New summer 2024 workshop options available now!


BAO Farmers Market

Saturday July 6th, 2024

Saturday August 24, 2024

8am to 1pm

Wellington Street and Ken Whillans Square, Brampton


 inVited Exhibition Feature @ inPrint Studio!

Interested in a small feature at our studio? Check out the call for inVited here!


Special edition Poetry inPrint books are available for purchase at the studio for $40.00.

These hand made books are the result of our first studio residency, which paired 8 local artists with 8 local poets to create dynamic book art! Available at our online shop.

You can also read up on all our iterations of Poetry inPrint here!


inPrint is located at 58 Wade Ave, Unit 8A, Toronto, On.

There are currently 5 steps to enter the space, with no access to a ramp or elevator.


Rent our space for your event!

Book an exhibition!
Hey! We can shoot some screens for you, too!


Check out our workshop offerings so far, including new drop-in sessions for the summer! Keep your eyes on this site as we continue to post more classes!


Keep an eye out for upcoming events, announcements, workshops and more by joining our mailing list!  

Stamp it Out A (Lino) Block Party_edited
Zine making.jpg

inPrint is hosting a zine exchange as a second fundraiser for our studio and community programs. Once you register, within 48 hours you will recieve a pdf with instructions on how to participate, as well as a zine template we designed for you to make your work in. The template is in the poster-style (1 page fold, 8 panels) and features random images drawn by each member on some of the panels.

We invite folks to create a zine and to intervene in the images we have provided. Create a story, fill in the panels with your favourite recipes, share your favourite poems or sketches, whatever inspires you to make this zine! Add to our images, and feel free to alter them to what makes sense for your zine.


You can work digitially to make your zine or print it out and work directly on it.

Once your zine is ready, photocopy and fold 10 copies to send to inPrint, and include your mailing address. You receive 9 zines in return, with the 10th for inPrint to showcase in an exhibition of all the zines (we'll have a party!). You can ship these to us, or if you are local, you can arrange to drop them off at our studio.


On June 22nd, inPrint invited our community in to join us in creating a stamp mural! We collected the many blocks we have made over the years, and put up some lovely washi on the walls, where folks went to town with our stamps, creating fantastical scenes together!

For the month of July, you can see this mural up in our studio. Make an appointment for a vistt at

We are so pleased to add another community mural to our collection. Here are the artists of the "Stamp It Out Mural:

Senka, Agam, Karen Cheung, Aditi Ganeev Sangwan, Reet, Rachel, Gayle Gioiosa, Jennifer Quaid, Jennifer Maurer, Jade Nolan, Jen Chin, Lindsay White, Mari Moreshead, Joey Suriano

inPrint members: Maaike Bouhuzyen-Wenger, Maureen Da Silva, Shannon Moynagh, Amye St John

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