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Calls For Submission

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inVited is a small exhibition feature welcoming guest artists, both local and international, into our space! Artists get a focus on up to three works of art on a small but prominent feature wall, which will be available for both viewing and purchase at inPrint studio. 

This call is on-going throughout the year, with dates set by the artist. 

Works can be listed for sale (including on our Etsy/Online platforms), with a 30% commission to the studio. inPrint will also provide a website feature of the work, as well as social media postings.

There is no fee to submit or hang, and submissions acceptances are juried by inPrint members and based on availability. inPrint reserves the right to turn down works that are sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or deemed hateful or inappropriate in general.

Works must be print-based, but can be mixed media. Any form of print media is welcome, including digital, cyanotype or photo transfer, and monoprint/type. Artists can be at any level of their career but should demonstrate a proficiency in their medium of choice.

To submit, fill out a this Google Form, followed by email to with "inVited Submission" in the subject line. Email should indicate that the form has been filled out, and include web-ready images of your work, as well as dates you are hoping to show.  Please note that filling out the Google Form is not an immediate acceptance: we will follow up with any acceptances


At this time, inPrint cannot provide an artist fee to show. However, artists may include works that are not for sale.



Check back for more calls!

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