All for the love of print

The InPrint Collective is a Toronto-based group of printmakers who love print and want to share it with the world. We came together in 2008 (because printmakers love company) to support each other and promote printmaking in our communities. Since then, we have been inking our plates, rolling up our stones, running down our squeegees, and carving out our ideas. When we're not in the studio, we're putting on artist talks, group exhibitions and numerous community events. Come check us out!

The inPrint Collective Studio is located at 58 Wade Ave, Suite 8A, Toronto, On, M6H 1P5.

Current Members:
  • Maaike Bouhuyzen-Wenger
  • Maureen Da Silva
  • Shannon Moynagh
  • Amye St. John
Board of Directors:
  • Amye St. John, Chair
  • Maaike Bouhuyzen-Wenger, Vice Chair
  • Shannon Moynagh, Director

The inPrint Collective receives project funding from: 

We'd like to thank past sponsors and donors:

And community partners:

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